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Professional Firefighter’s Association of New Jersey
International Association of Fire Fighters AFL-CIO-CLC
President First Vice President
October 7, 2002

Dear Mr. Warren:
On behalf of New Jersey Urban Search and Rescue Task Force 1, I cannot thank you enough for contacting us while
en route to Ground Zero in New York City. Your product Neutralite Safety Solution wound up making an impossible
job somewhat more tolerable. Everything you explained to us concerning the content and hazards associated with the
concrete dust that enveloped the area in and around the 15 square block area of our operations was not only patently
true, it almost immediately befell our personnel just as you predicted.
Day and night we were faced with almost total immersion in an atmosphere so laden with pulverized concrete as a result
of the catastrophic collapse of the World Trade Center towers and surrounding buildings, that we were required to wear
breathing devices necessitating almost constant changing of filters due to clogging. Worse yet, our inner and outer
garments were saturated and caked by it. The summer-like weather in association with the physiologically demanding,
round the clock work caused profuse perspiration, which in turn triggered the very chemical reaction you described.
The resulting severe skin irritation and in some cases second degree burns our personnel suffered with were both
painful and distracting to the extent that few could last an entire work cycle Without a shower and change of clothes.
A few of our folks were in such pain and discomfort they had to stay behind at our base of operations requiring medical
As soon as your product arrived on scene we immediately began using it as part of our post work decontamination
process with tremendous success. In fact, many of our personnel experienced what they termed as “ the cure” or
“instant relief“ with just a single use. To that fact, we began carrying the individual spray bottles of Neutralite solution
as you suggested in our personal equipment packs-employing the sprayers you were kind enough to provide with
predetermined mixtures only requiring that we add fresh water and shake. This allowed us to treat exposures on an as
needed basis.
Based upon the experience of NJT F-l there can be no doubt that Neutralite Safety Solution should be part and parcel
of anyone’s personal protective equipment and decontamination procedures when operating in and around atmospheres
where the potential for exposure to concrete dust exists. Firefighters, rescue personnel and the building and
construction trades need to be made aware of the existence of this tremendous advance in personal health and
I thank you for your very kind assistance and more importantly-for developing this great product.
With kindest regards,

Thomas P. Canzanella
President and Membem F-l
IAFF State Association Chartered 1929
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