OSHA Compliance

An excerpt from OSHA’s Standard Interpretations page.

As described in OSHA’s Portland Cement Inspection Procedures, work with portland cement is covered by OSHA’s three sanitation standards. Which standard applies depends on whether the work is in general industry, construction, or shipyards. OSHA’s standard for washing facilities at construction sites, 29 CFR 1926.51(f)(1), states,

As explained in OSHA’s Portland Cement Inspection Procedures, we interpret all three of these standards to require employers to provide clean water, non-alkaline soap, and clean towels at worksites where employees are working with portland cement. We read your inquiry to be asking whether a pH buffer solution may substitute for non-alkaline soap, or a combination of clean water and non-alkaline soap, for the removal of wet portland cement from the skin. OSHA recognizes that the use of pH buffering solutions may aid in preventing skin problems where there is exposure to wet cement. Therefore, our response to your question is a qualified “yes.” Providing pH buffer solution could meet the requirements of OSHA’s sanitation standards as long as the use of the pH buffer solution would enable employees to remove the substance(s) that pose(s) the dermal hazard(s).